Our Staff

Pilates MN Trainers have 200,000 hours of experience and education behind their work. All trainers have been through year-long training courses that require 450 or more hours to become a pilates trainer. We take pride in combining all of our methods and providing clients with some of the best educated trainers in the cities. Our training programs include Polestar Pilates Education, PhysicalMind Institute, Balanced Body Education and Align Certifications. We have hired trainers and physical therapists that have many hours and experience behind their work!

Pamela Hasselbring, Owner


Credentials and Education:

  • Polestar Pilates Graduate
  • Pilates Mat (Physical Mind Graduate)
  • CoreAlign Level 1, 2 and 3 Training
  • TRX Training
  • NETA Group Fitness Certification
  • Cooper Clinic TX Certification
  • CEU's focused in back pain, Scoliosis, neurological disease (Parkinson's), teen health and fitness programs
  • 38 years of experience working in fitness industry

What led me to teach Pilates? 

After searching for exercises to help a compression fracture in my spine, I found Pilates and eliminated my back pain and can now help others with back pain. I've seen Pilates help so many clients with different issues that I focus our business around helping clients with issues and helping clients avoid issues by abiding by our missions statement "Workout Smarter."

Brent Hasselbring, Owner


Brent was born and raised in Minneapolis. After his years at Southwest High School, he went on to college and graduated with degrees in commercial art and business management.

Prior to joining Pamela in the fitness industry, Brent owned and operated a local HVAC company. After 25+ years in the wholesale industry, Brent and Pamela thought it would be fun, challenging and exciting to work together owning and operating a top notch Pilates studio in the Wayzata area.

With their combined fitness and business experience, this seemed to be a natural fit.

Brent's been a member of the local health clubs since the early 1970's. He grew up playing sports and continues to enjoy tennis, basketball, golf, water and snow skiing.

Brent and Pamela are raising two fantastic children along with the family golden retriever.

shawn murphy marquis, MSPT, physical therapist/Training Program Manager


Credentials and Education:

  • Masters Science & Physical Therapy (MSPT)
  • CoreAlign Training
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts, Drama and Dance 
  • Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Graduate
  • Training Program Manager for Pilates MN

What led me to teach Pilates? 

I was introduced to Pilates at my first job at Performing Arts Physical Therapy in New York City. I was inspired by the approach and the Principles. As a Physical Therapist and a former dancer I knew how important it was to teach stabilization, mobilization and function. Pilates incorporates all of these in unique accessible ways for all bodies. I found that Polestar Pilates showed me that there are many ways to enhance movement with efficiency.

The Polestar training helped me personally stabilize my hypermobility. Through doing the work I have become a much better Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor. The ability to work with people who have injuries is the hallmark of Pilates and the perfect marriage of disciplines.  

Ann Frett, MPT, Physical Therapist

Ann Frett.jpeg

Credentials and Education:

  • Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT)
  • Feldenkrais Method Practitioner
  • Shroth Scoliosis certification
  • Neuromuscular manual therapies
  • Polestar Pilates training

What led me to teach Pilates?

I've had a lifelong passion for movement education leading me to the profession of Physical Therapy,  certification in the Feldenkrais Method, Shroth scoliosis training, and currently Polestar Pilates training.  Polestar Pilates has a strong movement integration component which retrains client's posture, movement and body awareness while building strength in a dynamic, functional, holistic manner.  I'm thrilled to bring this education to my clients as they pursue their goals in improving their health and quality of life.  

Martha Eckerline, Instructor


Credentials and Education:

  • University of St. Thomas, Bachelor of Science in Business
  • ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified
  • TRX Training
  • Pilates Mat (Physical Mind graduate)
  • Reformer/Apparatus (Balanced Body graduate)
  • Pilates Polestar graduate
  • Scoliosis, low back pathologies
  • Northwest Athletic Club 15 years

What led me to teach Pilates? 

While Pilates is not the only form of exercise available, it is unique in what it has to offer. Practicing principles of movement can apply to all areas of life. A few principles that guide the practice such as elongation, core stability, alignment, concentration and quality of movement are what inspired me to teach.

Elongating the spine promotes more range of motion in joints, which is what a degenerative spine needs. Core stability is activated creating movement efficiency.

Proper skeletal alignment prevents wear and tear on joints and soft tissues like muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Applying this specific principle to my exercise regimen has helped minimize my scoliosis symptoms.

Concentrating on movement mechanics brings awareness to muscle imbalance.  With awareness, things change.  Clients love discovering this!

Performing Pilates exercises with attention to quality of movement gives a person results such as flatter abs, longer and leaner muscles, and clients say that they have even grown taller.

Pilates has taught me how to stretch and strengthen muscles in my body safely and effectively. Workout smarter and try Pilates!

Julie Vanantwerp odermann, instructor


Credentials and Education:

  • Bachelor of Science from Ohio University in Exercise Physiology, Sport Science
  • Pilates Method Alliance certified
  • Completed Pilates teacher training from Align 
  • Completed Barre teacher training from Align

What led me to teach Pilates? 

My continuing education focuses on rehabilitation with all spinal pathologies. I also have been making changes in peoples lives that recover or struggle with Fibromyalgin, Parkinsons and M.S. My passion is to work with individuals to create real change to lead them towards a life well lived and giving hope to individuals with injuries and pain. Through my own life and experiences working together with individuals, it is important to help people work towards an increased capacity to live.

Jen Dugan, Instructor


Credentials and Education:

  • Bachelor's Degree, University of St. Thomas
  • Polestar Graduate
  • CoreAlign, Level 1 Graduate

What led me to teach Pilates? 

Over the last 30 years, I have participated in a variety of physical activities from marathons and triathlons to private fitness training. I started my Pilates journey 16 years ago. Since then, I have kept Pilates a top priority in my life as it has always made me feel stronger, more flexible and it has improved my posture. I decided to become an instructor 6 years ago to increase my knowledge of the Pilates method. I also found this form of exercise the perfect avenue to complete wellness. Through teaching, I hope to help others experience the same wonder of Pilates as I have enjoyed and to empower each client to be in control of his/her body, health and well being.

Kristin Callin, Instructor


Credentials and Education:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Art History
  • Polestar Graduate

What led me to teach Pilates? 

Kristin first discovered and fell in love with Pilates 7 years ago through Lifetime Fitness. Despite growing up a dancer and staying active throughout her life in a myriad of exercise/fitness activities, she will testify that Pilates has challenged her both mentally and physically more than any other activity. After finding Pilates MN, she knew that she wanted Pilates to be more a part of her life than just what she did to stay fit. She really embraced the philosophy and teachings at Pilates MN - so much so that she enrolled in the Polestar Instructor Training course in 2010.

Jean Archambeau, instructor


Credentials and Education:

  • B.S Degree in Medical Technology/Michigan Technological University
  • Balanced Body Trained Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
  • Member Pilates Method Alliance
  • Continuing Education/Certifications include: Effective Hands-On Training Techniques, Pilates for Special Conditions, Performing Effective Assessments, Course Design for Men, Pilates Techniques for Low Back Pain, Therapilates for Osteoporosis, Pilates Program Design, S.I Joint Dysfunction and Program Design

What led me to teach Pilates? 

I found Pilates over 17 years ago as a way to rehabilitate a significant neck and back injury and have been committed to the practice of Pilates ever since.  Pilates allowed me to not only return to normal everyday activities without pain, but also eventually resume other sports that I enjoy.  During my Pilates Comprehensive Training Program I discovered my passion for teaching the Pilates method and thoroughly enjoy helping others discover the transformation Pilates can bring to their bodies and lives.

Maria Hanson, Instructor


Credentials and Education:

  • Graduate Degree in Social Work, University of Wisconsin
  • Balanced Body Trained Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
  • Continuing Education Certifications Include: Scoliosis, Flexion/Extension, Back Pathology 
  • Marathon Pace Leader

What led me to teach Pilates?

I was drawn to pilates about 15 years ago as away to cross train for running. I practiced in Shanghai China for several years and quickly realized much of the Pilates work got lost in translation. It wasn’t until I took my teacher training course through Balanced Body did I truly understand the great depth of pilates. It does so much more than just build strength and tone muscles it’s a mental change as well. It takes a level of concentration and body awareness that other fitness classes don’t emphasis as much. I love teaching and helping others find a deeper connection within themselves. 

Johnna stob, physical therapist Assistant


Credentials and Education

  • Physical Therapist Assistant- Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Graduate
  • Foot/Ankle Treatment Techniques
  • Parkinson's
  • Shoulder and RC rehab
  • Chronic pain
  • Aquatic Integration

What led me to teach Pilates? 

I appreciate the mind-body approach that Pilates offers. It is my goal to educate patients and clients about muscles and structure which helps to deepen their understanding of their bodies and movement. Through the use of Pilates principles and techniques, I strive to create programs that are holistic in nature to re-educate and re-pattern muscles for optimal mechanical advantage and ease of movement. 

Molly bell Knorr, Physical therapist Assistant


Credentials and Education:

  • Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Trained
  • AAS Physical Therapist Assistant 
  • Certificate of Massage Therapy
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Art/Psychology/Communication)
  • Great Lakes-MET Cervical/Thoracic SIJ
  • Cognitive behavioral coaching

What led me to teach Pilates? 

I have had different injuries while playing sports and being involved in dancing and fitness. Pilates was a huge help in overcoming my injuries. I now utilize the stabilization and core control to protect my joints and allow for safe body building and injury prevention. As a therapist, Pilates has given me more education and capabilities to help patients and clients get healthier, happier, and stronger!