Physical Therapy Classes

We have several experienced physical therapists on staff trained in Pilates. We recommend these classes for clients with physical therapy needs, as our therapists can accommodate you while teaching Pilates utilizing the Reformer and Tower. We have a room for formal therapy and are able to accept insurance.

Pilates with a Physical Therapist

If you have any aches and pains in a Reformer class and want to be watched closely to know how to improve what you do in classes, or if you need to know which exercises you might want to avoid then try this class with our therapists to help you get on your way to pain free exercise. This class is also great for many issues like Osteoporosis, knee issues or replacements, hip issues or replacements, shoulder problems, back problems and more. Only 6 can attend for more personal attention!

Pilates for Parkinsons

Our Physical Therapists,  Physical Therapists Assistants, and volunteer Pilates trainers help those with Parkinson's exercise on the Reformer/Tower.  The Reformer assists clients in movement so they can achieve flexibility, acquire strength, posture, balance and core stabilization.  Reformer exercises aim to influence the neuromuscular pathways as well as help those with Parkinson's Disease move easier and feel better.

Contact us to find out if you're a candidate for the Parkinson's class.