Upcoming Events and Workshops

Foundation Training - Flow 4 Week Series

***This series is available for anyone who has taken our Fundamentals or Intermediate classes. If you haven't done one of these classes but have done a 1 day workshop or some 1-on-1 Foundation Training with Dr. Matt, please email info@thecenterofmvmt to see if this series would be a good fit for you***

This series will take the basics we have covered on decompressing joints and anchoring the muscles of the pelvis and begin to put it into a 45-minutes flow style workout. We will begin each class with a quick review of a couple key elements relating to the work out for the day and then start the flow. 

Foundation Training is a simple and effective corrective exercise modality that brings the body to its full potential by anchoring the pelvis, decompressing the spine and integrating muscle chains. It's a re-wiring of the poor patterns ingrained in our bodies over a lifetime that were causing pain, deterioration and inefficiency.

Dates: 04/24/18 - 05/15/18

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Registration: RSVP online or email drmatt@thecenterofmvmnt.com

Price: $120 for 4 week course / $35 drop in fee per class if space is available. 

The 7 Day Sugar Cleanse - Back by Popular Demand

This cleanse is for the beginner with simple instructions and personal coaching throughout. Anyone who makes the decision will complete this cleanse with ease.

Is the Basic 7-day Sugar Cleanse for you?

  • Need a higher energy level and a clearer mind?
  • Ready to release excess weight, feel less bloated and improve your body image?
  • Want to break self-sabotaging habits and learn new delicious, energizing ones?
  • Improve digestion and generate well being?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the right cleanse for you!

The Have’s

A satisfying menu of veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and high quality animal protein. Plus, quality fats, avocado’s, coconut oil, olive oil and dark chocolate.

The Have Not's

Sugars and sweeteners, white flour, dairy, caffiene, alcohol, corn, gluten, soy, and processed/packaged foods.

What are the Benefits?

  • 95% of participants have weight loss
  • 90% have more energy
  • 90% have more control over cravings
  • 90% found new healthy habits they want to implement
  • 80% no longer feel dependent on caffeine or stimulants
  • 75% have improved digestion and less bloating
  • 75% better quality sleep

Support Structure

3 Group calls with optional 1 on 1 Coaching and Online Support (all calls are recorded for your convenience)

  • Group Call #1 Preparation: Setting you up for a very successful and prepared week. 
  • Group Call #2 Mid-Cleanse: Group check in coaching call with the Coaches at Inspiring Health.
  • Group Call #3 Completion: Celebrate your successes and set your intentions for moving forward with healthy habits.

How to Register:

Sign up online at www.easysugarcleanse.com and all your materials will be emailed to you. Automated generated info will take place after you register.

Start whenever you like. Use coupon code: SpringCleanse for the Pilates MN proce of $47 (regular $79). Coupon valid until May 15th.