Staff Education

Pilates MN Trainers have 200,000 hours of experience and education behind their work. All trainers have been through year long training courses that require 450 or more hours to become a Pilates Trainer: We take pride in combining all of our methods and providing clients with some of the best educated trainers in the cities. Our training programs include Polestar Pilates Education, PhysicalMind Institute, Balanced Body Education and Align Certifications.

Our staff takes pride in our continuing education units (CEU):

Polestar Pilates Education Courses with Brent Anderson PhD, PT, OCS President Polestar Pilates Education:

  • Pilates for Low Back Pain Using the Reformer 3.0 CEU
  • Pilates for Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis 3.0 CEU
  • Pathokinesiology of the Lumbar Spine 16.0 CEU
  • Scoliosis: A Practical Approach 16.0 CEU
  • Advanced Assessment 24.0 CEU
  • The Business of Pilates for Rehabilitation 8.0 CEU

Polestar Pilates Senior Educator Noelle Dowma DPT, MSPT:

  • Getting to the “Core” A Workshop Presenting the Research and Practical Application of Core Based Exercise and Education 3.5 CEU
  • Exercise with the Pre and Post Natal Woman 3.5 CEU
  • How to Modify for Clients Injuries and Conditions in the Fitness Environment, 3.5 CEU

Professor Karen Clippinger, M.S.P.E. Faculty at California State University Long Beach and Body Arts and Science International Senior Educator:

  • Scapulohumeral Rhythm, Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Impingement with Pilates, 6 CEU
  • Walking Biomechanics on the Reformer, 6 CEU
  • Scoliosis and Exercise Design in Pilates, 6 CEU
  • Pilates, Alignment and Posture, 6 CEU
  • Pilates for the Dancer: A focus on Lower Body Strength, 6 CEU
  • Shoulder Mechanics, Alignment and Pilates Program Design, 6 CEU
  • Knee Biomechanics and Pilates Program Design, 6 CEU
  • Unwinding Scoliosis with Pilates, 6 CEU
  • Sacroiliac Function and Pilates Exercise Design, 6 CEU
  • Promoting Healthy Again with Pilates, 6 CEU

Anna Tischenko, PhD, MSPT: The Playground for Neuro Rehabilitation

Sharon Gawin, MPT: Pilates for Serious Spinal Diagnosis, 6 CEU

Elizabeth Larkam:

  • Pilates Studio Sequences for Restoring Motor Control of the Thorax, 6 CEU
  • Moving Beyond the Reformer: Creating New Repertoire for the Allegro and Tower, 6 CEU

Jeannie Staudt: Functional Strength Training for the Aging Spine, 8 CEU

Karen Sanzo: Pilates and Motor Control, 6 CEU

Madeline Black: Understanding What you See: Assessment Techniques for Pilates Instructors, 6 CEU

Kelly Kane: Psoas Part 1 and Part 2, 6 CEU

Lolita San Miguel (worked with Joseph Pilates!): Teaching Tips from a Master, 3 CEU

Valentin: EXO Chair: The Next Frontier, 3 CEU

NETA: Exercise and Arthritis, 6 CEU

Gina M. Piazza: Postural Analysis Specialist

Eric Franklin: Imagery and Exercises for a Strong, Flexible and Healthy Spine, 3.25 CEU

Nico Gonzalex: All Hands on Deck: The Essential of Assisted Stretches for Pilates Instructors, 3 CEU

Helen Masin PhD,: PT Communication Skills for the Pilates Teachers, 16 CEU

Portia Page: Core Align 1, 2 and 3, 48 CEU

TRX: Suspension Training Course

BOSU Training, 3 CEU

Dr. Carol Davis: Epigenetics and Fascia, The New Science of Subtle Energy and Cellular Function and The Miraculous Discoveries of Fascia and Movement

Dr Libby Weaver: Nutritional Wisdom

Dr. Brent Anderson: Joe's Simple Formula to Health and Happiness

Larry Cahalin: Pilates Breath in the Past, Present and Future

Chopra: Ayurveda and Mind/Body Types with Davidji

Shelly Power: Work Smarter Not Harder: How Hard Should Pilates Really Be?

Other Continuing Education workshops taken by Our Educators:

  • Pilates Games for Kids
  • Exo Chair the New Frontier
  • Stretching for Optimal Flexibility and Health
  • Improving Performance and Health with Franklin Method and Pilates
  • Pilates Chair for Strength and Grace
  • Rolling for Length, Rolling for Strength
  • Pilates Arc on the Road