Our trainers' higher education gives them the knowledge to keep their clients safe in class.  We know all of their health issues before they come to class and adjust classes to their needs while educating them on how they modify in class to keep them safe.  Our trainers concentrate on the Pilates principles which include breathing, elongation, core stability, alignment, spinal articulation, concentration and quality of movement. 

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are 50 minutes.

Pilates Principles

The Intro class is the building block to your Pilates experience.  We concentrate on teaching Pilates principles, safety and how to use the Reformer, Tower and Mat.  It is important to understand the basic exercises and how our equipment works before moving up a level.  Intro exercises include Pelvic Clocks, Bridging, Feet in Straps, Roll Up, Dart, Elephant and more. We have a check off process to moveup a class level.  To move from Intro class to Reformer 1, tell your instructor that you'd like to start the check off process before class.  We ask that everyone start with the Intro class even if they've had Pilates Reformer experience.  

reformer 1

Reformer 1 builds off Intro classes from basic exercises to more challenging exercises.  This includes exercises like Teaser, Side Ups, Double Leg Kick, Long Stretch, Hundreds, Spread Eagle and more.  We continue with the principles and get more in depth with exercises that utilize internal strength.  Please tell your Reformer 1 instructor before class if you want to check off to level 2.

Reformer 2

Reformer 2 is another challenging step in your Pilates journey.  This class will strengthen, lengthen and challenge your core like no other workout.  Reformer 2 includes exercises like Magician, Short Spine, Long Spine, Gymnast, Semi Circle and more.  You will have a new appreciation for how strong your body can perform.