Welcome to Pilates MN

Pilates MN Physical Therapists and Trainers educate our clients to Workout Smarter, restore function and meet their goals for lifelong activity.

Here at Pilates MN, we have a unique process that moves you from one level to the next. Our check-off process ensures safety and understanding of our Pilates principles. We recommend taking at least 5 classes before beginning the check-off from Pilates Principles to Reformer 1. When you feel confident with the movement, ask your trainer before class to begin the check-off for you!


One Month Unlimited

Take as many Pilates Principle classes as you can in one month. This is the best way to learn the movement and feel the benefits of Pilates! Take Reformer 1 classes once you complete the check-off process.


Knowledgable Staff

Our staff are Polestar Pilates certified and have over 200,000 hours of combined education. To learn more about our staff, visit our staff page.

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10 Classes

Our package of 10 is for those who have inconsistent schedules or travel often. This is our most flexible package, allowing you 6 months to use your 10 classes. Must begin with Pilates Principles classes.



If you have questions about the studio, check out our FAQ page. Always feel free to contact us with any other questions you have about us.

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3 Private Sessions

Private sessions are great for those who would like more individualized attention from a Pilates trainer. You will get to work with additional Pilates equipment in our private area which are not used during classes!


Health History Form

Pilates clients, please fill out this form before arriving. Physical therapy clients, either print and fill out the forms here, or wait until you come in.

Physical Therapy

We consider our Physical Therapy team's work a bridge between traditional Physical Therapy and fitness. All of our therapists are Pilates trained, allowing them to integrate the functional movement of Pilates and the restorative practices of physical therapy. If you are having pain, or know someone with pain, our team can help you resolve those issues and restore pain-free movement.

If you are having pain but are over the age of 65 and don’t have a doctor’s note, our Pilates trained therapists can see you in a Pilates setting, but not a patient setting. To be considered a patient in our space, you must be under 65 years of age and have a doctor’s physical therapy order/note. We are a cash-based program and can accept out of network insurance. You would need to check with your insurance company to see if you have out of network insurance benefits. You can, however, submit your FSA or HSA. Give us a call if you have any questions!