Teacher Training

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Comprehensive Polestar Program:

Beginning in April 2019, join us for Polestar's Comprehensive Pilates Program taught by Shelly Power, Polestar's Education Director, and Shawn Marquis, Physical Therapist with PilatesMN.

Polestar Pilates is a leading international authority in Pilates that makes whole body health available to everyone. Their mission is to impact world health through intelligent movement and lifestyles.

Transition Program:

For Pilates professionals who have already completed a previous comprehensive training, we are offering Polestar's Transition Program (Bridging).

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Konnector Training

July 27th 9am - 6pm
July 28th 9am - 6pm

Join us for two full days of training with the creator of the Konnector and the Konnect Method, Viktor Uygan. You’ll take home a deeper understanding of the method and an extensive repertoire of exercises to expand on. The Konnector adapts to your Balanced Body Studio or Allegro reformer and includes an innovative, single-rope pulley system with loops for all four limbs.

The Konnector enables independent, simultaneous movement of both arms and legs. You experience constant proprioceptive feedback through the single rope, facilitating full-body integration and stronger core activation in dynamic new ways. This exciting new functional movement apparatus increases a client’s awareness of imbalances and asymmetries. You can perform all traditional Pilates Reformer repertoire with the Konnector.