About Our Studio


Located in downtown Wayzata, the Pilates MN studio provides a comfortable and friendly environment. The studio contains two primary pilates spaces. One space is for group classes, while the other is for private sessions. We also have a physical therapy room, changing rooms, and two restrooms. We have convenient parking steps from the door. 


Our studio is also fully outfitted with state-of-the-art Balanced Body equipment, including:

  • Reformers

  • Chairs

  • Barrels

  • Towers

  • Spine Correctors

  • Trapeze Table

  • CoreAlign™ Equipment

  • TRX® equipment

  • Small equipment such as:

    • Balls

    • Foam Rollers

    • Rings

    • Dowels

    • Discs


What if I have an injury or pain?

This is where we specialize. All of our Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologist, and Pilates Trainers have over 200,000 hours of education behind our work. All class clients start with Pilates Principles classes and move through a check-off process for each level. This is for your safety and understanding of the Pilates repertoire. We also have classes with a Physical Therapist. Many clients begin with physical therapy or privates if they have pain or are injured. Our health history form is detailed and the trainers know all issues of our clients in every class, so we know how to modify for injury and pain.  

What should I wear?

Exercise apparel is appropriate. We work barefoot or with “grippy socks”. Comfort is important, so wear what’s comfortable for you.  

Is there a place to change?

We have two spacious bathrooms. Sometimes in the evening the massage room is open and you may certainly change there as well.  

How often should I do classes or privates?

We recommend doing Pilates 3-4 times a week to get the best benefits.  However, one visit per week is still better than none at all.

Can I go to any class?

At Pilates MN we have a check off process that moves you from one level to the next. The check-off process is in place to make sure you understand the basics of the movement so you can safely begin to learn more challenging exercises. Everyone begins with Pilates Principles and/or private sessions and must complete the check-off before moving to the next level.

When should I arrive?

New clients should arrive at least 15 minutes early if they have not filled out their Health History and Waiver form, which can be found online if you click Pilates and Forms. All other clients should be here at least 5 minutes before class as there is lots of set up when using the Reformer, tower, springs, Jumpboard and more.  

How long are classes, privates, and massage?

All classes and privates are 50 minutes.

Where do I park?

Park right our front of our space. There’s also spaces on the east side of the building near the woods.

Mindbody Software Questions

What if I’m on the waitlist?

Great news! Our wait lists are extremely effective and move quickly.  Chances are someone will early cancel out of class at least 24 hours before a class begins. If this happens you will receive an email and/or text letting you know you are enrolled in the class!

What if I miss my class?

Our policy is a 24 hour cancel policy, which is standard in the industry.  If you need to late cancel it will automatically be taken out of your package.  If you have an unlimited membership you will be charged $25 for a late cancel or you can use Perkville points to avoid the late cancel charge. That gives another client a chance to get into the class.

What is Perkville?

Perkville is our rewards and loyalty system.  Once you start attending classes or privates at Pilates MN, you start accruing points. You can also earn points by referring a friend, liking us on Facebook or Instagram, birthday’s etc... Use these points for a free class, private, no charge late cancel or a buddy pass.  To sign up, visit Perkville.com and register with the same email associated with your Pilates MN account.

What if I need to cancel a private?  

Contact the front desk as early as you know you need to cancel a private.  There is a 24 hour cancel policy, but 48 hours is preferred so our trainers can try to fill that spot. Private sessions cannot be cancelled on the Mindbody site. We prefer you call the front desk @ 952-476-0304 or email contactuspilatesmn@gmail.com.

Do I need to sign in for each class?

The instructor will sign you in for the class as we have everyone’s names and any injury/issue so we know and are prepared to help clients with exercise modifications if necessary.

Studio Etiquette


We prefer you leave your phone in a cubby and silenced.  If for some reason you need your phone for an emergency situation, you can keep it near your Reformer.


On the teacher, breath, alignment, and movement being performed.  Talking during a class is distracting for others and for the teacher.

Be considerate

Cancel your spot in class or privates as soon as you know you can’t make it. Those on the waitlist will be happy you did!